My Snoring Solution Reviews: Anti Snoring Chinstrap Working & Price In AU

My Snoring Solution

What You Need To Understand About My Snoring Solution

The My Snoring Solution is a stop snoring chin band that has gotten on the marketplace for fairly time. It is pretty well-known for being a ‘name brand’ stop snoring chinstrap on the market, and also has gotten pretty highly rated reviews from several customers and also clients alike.

However, it is also not without its downsides … and also we were pretty established to obtain to the bottom of it. Is My Snoring Solution a good product, or exist much better options?

We did not just do some study on it, yet likewise tried one ourselves to see what we believed.

Right here is what we discovered throughout our review.

My Snoring Solution: Item Category & Directions For Use

This item is practically classified as a ‘stop snoring chinstrap.’ And as such, it is definitely an excellent rep of the classification. It is, by all accounts, a snoring chin band … in every feeling of words.

When it comes to directions for usage, this product is truly pretty basic. You merely slide the item onto your head and also around your jaw. It can be found in 3 various sizes, and the dimensions are based upon your body weight– so you don’t even need to use Velcro or anything like that.

So yeah … this is a very straightforward item to use.

Can It be found in More Than One Size?

Yes, this product in fact comes in three different dimensions … a little, a medium, and a huge. You will understand which size to buy based on your body weight. You can also utilize the 90 day cash back guarantee to switch dimensions for no additional fee if you mistakenly obtain the incorrect size.

Because it does not make use of Velcro, there is additionally no chance of it coming off during sleep … which is a good idea.


how Does The My Snoring Solution Chinstrap Work?

The MySoringSolution generally works by aiding to keep the mouth closed and the jaw advanced throughout rest. This helps by keeping the jaw from falling open and also back during sleep, which can cause airway constraint as well as lead to soft taste vibration … which is the most usual sort of snoring.

That is basically it. It is an easy item that looks for to help prevent the origin of one of the most usual types of snoring worldwide.

My Snoring Solution: Scientific History And FDA Approval

This product has actually gone through one extremely little study, including 10 individuals– and also it appeared to function extremely well over the course of this study. It was performed by Ahmed Kutty MD, Supervisor of Pulmonary Medicine at St. Mary Health Center. The examination was claimed to minimize OSA (Obstructive Rest Apnea) episodes in individuals. It was also claimed to decrease snoring as well as reduced blood pressure analyses in those who tried it.

Can There Be Any Type Of Adverse effects?

The majority of the reviews for this item online declare. But, keeping that being stated, there were a few adverse testimonials. The majority of the downsides whined that the item simply didn’t function. Others experienced a variety of adverse effects. These included an aching jaw, a migraine, and also discomfort.

How Much Does My Snoring Solution Price?

Ok, so this is where we began to have a truly difficult time approving this product as a ‘much better remedy.’ You can purchase it on the main product internet site for $119.97 … plus shipping. Given, when you get one, you likewise obtain a second one free of charge … yet we would have instead seen them priced for half as much so that we can simply buy one.

This is a rather serious cost! There are also MADs that do not cost half this much. There are essentially FDA accepted quit snoring tools on the marketplace that price regarding fifty percent as high as this product does!

Given, this item has some upsides. It is, for instance, much less intrusive than an MAD … however, for this cost, it is in fact difficult to justify it.

My Snoring Solution Price

What Do We understand Regarding The Business Behind My Snoring Solution?

Address And History

Any Kind Of Fraud Complaints?


The address for the business can be found on their official internet site, and is recorded as adheres to …

My Snoring Solutions

P.O. Box 509

Lillian, AL 36549


When it comes to a background of the product, it was invented by a guy named Stephen Matthews. He suffered from OSA, and understood that it was most likely to kill him if he didn’t do something to quit it. He realized that if he could keep his jaw shut during rest, he could most likely stop the issue from taking place … and that was what led to him inventing the My Snoring Solution Chinstrap.

What Can Users Get Out Of My Snoring Solution?

This is an incredibly easy item to use. It might, nonetheless, take a little bit for you to get used to it. Some individuals don’t like it, but there are a great deal a lot more positive reviews regarding it than adverse reviews. So the chances that you are most likely to like it are really respectable, from exactly how we see it.

Does My Snoring Solution Require A Doctor’s Participation Or A Prescription?

No, you can purchase and use this item without a physician’s participation or a prescription.

My Snoring Solution Chinstrip

Our Verdict

There were points that we such as and really did not like concerning My Snoring Solution. However, most importantly, we might not surpass the cost. This item was quite costly.

Approved, there was a popup that attempted to market us one for $80, provide or take, plus shipping, throughout our study. We certainly discovered, due to the fact that it KEPT popping up and also entering our way.

It was greater than a little bit bothersome.

We likewise observed that there are countless ‘generic’ versions of this product offered online for less than half the price that this one is selling for. We recognize that it is an excellent product … but it is a piece of stretchy, comfy material that holds your jaw closed during sleep.

It just doesn’t seem like a product that should set you back over $100. And also, it sets you back regarding $20 for worldwide shipping … so Canadians need to pay much more for it.

You do get 2 for one price when you order online, yet it is still costly … despite that deal.

With those things being claimed, it does seem to function quite well. We’ve actually tried it, as well as discovered that it is really rather comfortable. We can not promote every person, yet we really did not have much of an issue with it. It additionally comes with an amazing 90 day refund guarantee.

But … is it worth the high price? This is a difficult concern. There are literally MADs that are less costly than this. So in a great deal of methods, this is a difficult one to validate.

We didn’t dislike it. We are just not sure that we would buy it or suggest it for this cost. You could be much better off trying one of the other stop-snoring remedies that we have actually tried, see them below.

The Prices To Obtain The My Snoring Solution Chinstrap Shipped To Australia

It sets you back $19.95 to obtain international shipping with this item– which is rather costly. When you consider how much this product currently sets you back, this simply adds a whole lot, even more, cost to the formula that creates us to concern, even additionally, if this is a budget-friendly solution in all.

Where Can I Acquire The My Snoring Solution If I Reside In Australia?

If you reside in Canada, the very best area to purchase this item is on the official item web site. The site is put together quite well, though we didn’t take care of the pop-up that kept making an appearance. We were additionally not a big follower of the reality that there were no real ‘tabs’ for navigation. However, it served its purpose rather well, besides these minor drawbacks.

Highlights And Drawbacks

Below are the standard pros and cons that we discovered concerning the My Snoring Solution over the course of our study.